Oceans to portions

The Fish Farm in UAE is geographically poised to be one of the world leaders in the fisheries sector. Recognizing the growing market demand for sustainable aquaculture-produced marine fish, we grow and sell high quality, competitively priced, safe and delicious fish using innovative technology, while preserving the environment. Propagating aquaculture in a semi-controlled surrounding, we grade, sort and price the fish according to size and sell them to merchants. Our well-organized marketing system transports fish to consumers in every region, be it domestic or international. This includes transportation of fresh fish to merchants, after handling, sorting, storing, and packaging, while ensuring high quality of taste.

About Fish Farm


Progressive and constantly evolving company to provide the best quality fish, after meticulous research and development.


We offer a wide selection of highly nutritious seafood grown to the highest standards of safety and quality.


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Revolutionizing the
global aquaculture

Infrastructure Overview

Cage Culture

Cage Farming in Dibba Al-Fujairah

Dibba Al-Fujairah, situated on the Gulf of Oman is a prime location for cage culture. Our cage farms are situated 4.5 km from the sea in an optimal location. The perfect currents ensure excellent water flow and perfectly clean water for the fish to swim in.We are very proud that since our inception in 2013 we have never needed to use any chemicals or antibiotics to treat our fish!

Hatchery-Reared Fish

Hatchery in Umm al-Quwain

The hatchery in Umm al-Quwain rears marine life in an artificially controlled environment to provide nutritious and delicious fish for consumption. This facility is used for collection of adult fish, spawning, eggs incubation and rearing. The fish eggs are handled expertly and safely and are provided with the necessary nutrition, environment to breed and a clean facility which helps in providing fresh and tasty fish for consumption.

Land Farm

Inland Farming at Jebel Ali

After carefully selecting the site for our inland fish farm, we established a facility at Jebel Ali. A closed containment system, the fish breed in a controlled environment, which ensures that the nutritional value, quality and taste of the marine life are optimal. By recycling water at regular intervals, the risk of diseases is almost eradicated, providing the consumers with healthy and delicious seafood.